Gas Detector Development

Leszek Ropelewski


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Leszek Ropelewski

Gas Detector Development

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ALICE Upgrade Forum, October 19th 2009

1st MC-PAD Network Training, Cracow, Poland, 17-19 September 2009

3rd RD51 Collaboration Meeting, Crete, June 16-17 2009

2nd RD51 Collaboration Meeting, Paris, October 13-15 2008  

94th LHCC Meeting (02-03 July 2008)      

RD51 Workshop, Nikhef, April 16-18 2008

Polish Teachers Programme (25 November 2007 - 01 December 2007)

MPGD R&D  (PH Faculty Meeting 15.11.2007)

IEEE Special Focus Workshop (Honolulu 28 October 2007)  Workshop program

Micro Pattern Gas Detectors. Towards an R&D Collaboration (10-11 September 2007) Workshop program

TWEPP-07 Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (03-07 September 2007)

Salon des Inventions (Geneva 18-22.04.2007)

GEM at CERN (detector seminar 24.11.2006)

GEM at CERN (July 2006)  EIROforum

NA49 - future Cylindrical GEM detector (April 2006)  (meeting)     (August 2006) (meeting)

TOTEM T2 Engineering Design Review (January 2006) (ppt 60 MB)  Introduction to T2 DCS (June 2006)

Micro-pattern Gas Detectors: Status and Perspectives (January 2006)

TIME05: Gas Micro-pattern Detectors for Tracking (October 2005)

Academic Training Lectures: Particle Detectors - Principles and Techniques  (April 2005)

New Gas Detectors Development Lab (June 2006)

MPGD Workshop 1999 Orsay

RD-28 (MSGCs) final status report (1996)     other old links: RD-28   RD-10

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